Dry Loo

The Dryloo Loo is a waterless, on-site, dry sanitation toilet system. It does not use chemicals or power to function, but only requires radiant heat and wind.


  1. The Dry Loo is a plastic unit that runs on Sun and wind 
  2. Has a perforated plate to separate solids and liquid waste.
  3. Has a good ventilation system, hence odorless
  4. Has a toilet seat with cover
  5. Has an inspection cover though which waste levels can be checked and removed when dry

How the toilet works

  1. Human waste collects on a perforated plate
  2. Liquid waste drain below the plate while solid remain on top and move to the rear end of the unit
  3. As the unit warms up in the sun, air inside heats up
  4. The hot air dries up the waste as it escapes via the vent pipe

The Dry loo is ideal for

  1. Schools
  2. Farms
  3. Dispensaries
  4. Flood prone areas
  5. Water scarce areas
  6. Construction sites
  7. Humanitarian needs
  8. Areas with high water table


  1. No flushing required, hence saves on water.
  2. Easy to install with less excavation.
  3. Cheap locally sourced material can be used for structure
  4. Units do not leak and are odorless, hence environmentally friendly
  5. Final waste is dry and pathogenic free, hence easily handled, removed and burnt or made to compost.