While on a film shoot in South Africa in 2003, Excloosive’s founder and Managing Director Moses Nderitu, came across a mobile toilet out in the wild and a great idea, that would revolutionize the entire events industry in Kenya was born. The rest, as they say, is history….

Initially, Excloosive limited catered to the film industry that required mobile sanitation on shoots which took place away from basic sanitary facilities. Within a short period of time, Excloosive was the provider of mobile sanitation solutions at every outdoor and high human traffic even.

In the present day, Excloosive provides extensive mobile sanitation services even in the most remote locations in Kenya and the East African region.

In 2011, Excloosive branched out into the treatment and recycling of waste water and the use of waterless toilet technology to provide long term, sustainable sanitation solutions.

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